As a member of the Canadian Working Dog Federation, the CWBSA follows the International Utility Dogs Regulations of the FCI


To participate in a CWBSA IGP trial, a Canadian resident with a registered* Belgian Shepherd Dog must be a member of the CWBSA or, if only entering for a BH/VT or IAD title, a member of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada.


If entering with another breed, mixed breed, or non-registered* Belgian Shepherd, a Canadian resident must be a member of any CWDF member club.


A non-resident of Canada must be a member of any FCI recognized National Club.


* with an FCI-recognized registry such as the Canadian Kennel Club.


CWBSA Policies

» CWBSA Trial Policy
» CWBSA COVID Policy (updated June 2021) 


Other documents

» CWBSA Trial Request


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